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University Principal letter:

To our sons and daughters
At the beginning of this new academic year, Ibn Sina University welcomes you with wishing you a year full of useful knowledge and creative cultural activities. Today you put the first step of your future’s journey, and on the threshold of each of your years, with us, you achieve a leap of excellence. We will help you to be useful to yourself, your family and your community. We will do our best to enable you to succeed, and we will do whatever it takes to make your experience rich, useful and enjoyable.
University is very different from high school. Here is self-reliance, taking responsibility, adhering to university norms, regulations, and traditions, and respecting the campus. We want you to take off the robe of young disciples and put on the robe of ambitious youth. Do not take advantage of this opportunity, and do not neglect your achievement and study, as we have prepared for you an excellent educational structure and environment. We are keen to provide you from the first day of school with all the necessary services to organize your studies. We have prepared for you stands, classrooms, libraries and laboratories, as well as serious, attractive and interesting courses. You are required to make an effort to reach scientific excellence through continuous attendance and acquiring knowledge.

Invent artistic, sports and cultural activities, enrich your life. There is no doubt that we have among you writers, poets, artists, singers and musicians. Our role will not be limited to your education only, but we will also contribute to building your personalities and refining your skills and talents in addition to giving you practical experiences that qualify you to meet the needs of the labor market efficiently.
This university started with the Khartoum College of Medical Sciences and three programs: Human Medicine, Clinical Pharmacy, and Dental Medicine and Surgery, followed by the Faculties of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Optometry and Nursing Sciences, and finally the College of Administrative Sciences.
My sons and daughters, male and female students,
Be sure that we are proud of you and that you belong to us as partners in our journey and allies in our success.

Welcome back a second and a third time in your home

Professor, Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed.


Our Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading university, fully committed to ensure high quality education based on academic and professional standards with achievement of excellence in research enabling the graduate

Our Mission

To act as pioneer in fields of education, research and community, locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Objectives

Provision of professionals with necessary scientific abilities and skill that contribute to community development. Provision for local and world and markets requirements for ethically and professionals committed staff.

Our Values

Ibn Sina University committed to provision of highly skilled professionals and exploration of new research realms in the strategic fields of the state, with the aim of realizing community development

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