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The faculty of  Dentistry was founded in 2000 in accordance with the decision of the Broad of Trustees No.   to offer high-quality cadres with high theoretical and applied scientific expertise in the field of dentistry.

The faculty consists of  ten scientific departments which offer the following bachelor’s degree programs – Bachelor of dental surgery

The departments include  30 distinguished and well-known faculty members and their assistants .Through those distinguished members and it’s advanced scientific and academic facilities, the faculty offer high-quality cadres with high theoretical and applied scientific expertise to achieve the University’s objectives. The faculty also provides many community services in the field of oral health  through medical caravan.

The total number of students in the faculty since it’s inception until the academic year 2017/2018 is 764 while the number of graduates is —–until 2016/2017





The faculty of dentistry aspires to stand out as institution of best quality in stomatology professional education and training at national, regional and international level




To graduate safe professional ethical skilled and community oriented stomatologist   and to conduct research about diseases and medical problems in the community



To graduate competent ,safe ,ethical , professional and community oriented stomatologist  and who is    knowledgeable enough in basic medical & dental  sciences

To enable the graduate to acquire the proper professional responsibility and clinical skills of stomatology in adequate & safe way

Aquented about the diseases in the community and their preventive measures, to be oriented about research methods and how to apply them.

To prepare the graduate for continuous professional development (CPD) and knowledge upgrading

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