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Medical Laboratory Sciences

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The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program was established in 2005.
The students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory sciences in 4 years with comprehensive learning program.
• The student is specialized in one of the following sciences:
 Microbiology &Medical Parasitology
 Clinical chemistry.
 Histopathology & Cytology.
 Haematology & Blood banking.



Distinguished leaders and professional medical laboratory scientists who support community health care, education and research.



The mission of the programs in medical laboratory sciences is to provide standards of learning and to prepare competent medical laboratory scientists with the sufficient skills, Knowledge, and professional integrity to become contributing professionals in the health care community.



1- To support the goals and mission of IbnSina University.
2- To provide the students with the cognitive competencies to meet the entry requirements for the profession of medical laboratory sciences in different fields: hospitals, universities, research institutes, industries and companies.
3- To provide the students with an environment in which those affective requirements of the professional medical laboratory scientists are developed.
4- To support research which help building community,health care, development and education.
5- To qualify students committed to professional ethics.
6- To provide opportunity for the student to become aware of the medical team and its responsibility for delivery of quality health care.
7- To communicate locally & internationally with other scientific and academic institutes.


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