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Optometry is a medical, primary, health care profession which is concerned with the health of the eyes and related structures. The Bachelor of Optometry is an undergraduate program given in five years with honor degree, which offers a recognized qualification for practicing Optometry.

Faculty of optometry and visual science is a recent collage in Ibn Sina University which established in 2017.

Faculty located in Al-Manshia- Khartoum- Sudan





Dean’s Message




Welcome to the Faculty of Optometry & Visual Sciences (FOVS), Ibn Sina

University. We appreciate the great opportunity to share with you the vision, mission, goals and outstanding facilities of the faculty and we hope that your visit to our website will be informative and productive.

The profession of optometry is a primary health care profession, dedicated to the improvement and preservation of eyesight. Our strong curriculum covers all aspects of Optometry, and it was recently developed to meet with the need of the profession. Students will challenged to master optics, vision science, the diagnosis and management of different eye diseases and the all aspects of primary eye care of patients after graduation.

Our great ambition at this faculty is to make sure our students receive the best education, best training and the best opportunity to meet both personal and vocational goals, and to meet the needs of our society today and into the future.

We welcome your visit to our campus at Al-manshia and look forward to a continued dialogue regarding your future optometric education.




Excellence in Optometry and visual sciences




  To graduate a high quality researchers and optometrists to serve community and cover the labor market.




  •    To promote the moral, scientific, and professional behavior of the students.
  •    To assur the development of clinical skills according to the latest technologies.

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