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Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy in Ibn Sina University, one of the leading institutions that offers honours Bachelor programs in Sudan.

Our Faculty is one of the national leading institutions in Clinical Pharmacy with a curriculum designed to prepare pharmacy graduates for lifelong career. The Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy also enables the graduates to move forward with the ever changing healthcare system.

 Our Faculty and staff members are dedicated to the provision of excellent education and pharmacy practice


About The Faculty

The program of Clinical Pharmacy started 18 years ago with the establishment of Khartoum College of Medical Sciences in 2000. The program was upgraded to Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy in March 2016. This is by the ministerial decision No. 31 on March 2016, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Upgraded Khartoum College of Medical Sciences to the University of Ibn Sina. The Faculty consists of four main departments: Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutics. The Faculty offers programs lead to the award of B Pharm Degree in five years. The Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy has so far (2018) graduated 618 students. In addition, the Faculty also offers a graduate program that leads to the award of M.Sc in Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Sciences that so far graduated five batches.



Faculty Vision

The Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy shall be a recognized National, Regional and International institution and a center for excellence in education, scientific research, community services and environmental development.


Faculty Mission

The Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy in IbnSina University is devoted for the provision of distinguished pharmacy education, through accredited scientific programs to qualify highly efficient pharmacists who are able to actively contribute in improving community health care, as well as to contribute to pharmaceutical industry and research that assures excellent quality products.



Develop sound programs and curricula leading to the award of Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy Degree and postgraduate degrees. The latter should suit the needs of the society and labour market.

Continual development and upgrading of the scientific and research activities.

Providing Faculty members with the suitable academic levels that realize the Mission of the Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy.

Expanding community services and improvement of the wellfare of the health care system.

Enhancement of the abilities of the information sector to tally with the realization of the objectives of the Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy in Ibn Sina University.

Build and nurture an environment, which suits work, career opportunities and professional growth for the faculty and other staff members.

Faculty Departments

Pharmaceutical Chemistry




Career Pathway and Advice:

Community pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Company / industries

Government’s health and environmental agencies



Private practices




Registrar office


Rjaa Hussan

Mutaz Elsmani Khaled Mohamed  Mbahig Ibrahim

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