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       The program began at Khartoum College of Medical Sciences in 2000 and wish the Bachelor’s degree is awarded in 4 years period. In 2016 the college reformed to Ibn Sina University and the program was upgraded to Faculty of physiotherapy.

The System of study in the Faculty grants the Bachelor’s degrees in 5 years>



       Preparing agents of change ready and capable of enhancing best and standard health services in their fields covering all the needs in health services and promote the overall quality of life



       To graduate competent, committed, reflective and analytical physiotherapist professional in their fields follow the international standard of graduation. They will be useful and experts in all aspects of health service system.


Objectives of the Program

  Adequate knowledge of basics medical subjects required in the practice of physiotherapy.

 Develop skills and techniques of therapeutic exercises for the management of various medical and surgical conditions

 Developmental of proper attitude for the compassion and concern for the individuals and welfare of the physically handicapped in the community.

 Demonstrate skills in teaching, management, research guidance and counselling.

 Practice moral and ethical values and uphold the dignity of the physiotherapy profession by participating in the various professional activities.

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