Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Period of study Start Degree awarded
4 year 2004 BSc

Subjects Taught as follows:

Basic SubjectsRequirements Subjects
Physics & Mathematic Arabic Language
Chemistry English Language
Zoology Islamic culture
Biochemistry Sudanese studies
Computer Skills
Basic SubjectsRequirements Subjects
Anatomy Arabic Language
Physiology English Language
Physiotherapy 1A(therapeutic exercise) Computer Skills
Physiotherapy 1 (Assessment & Evaluation)
First Aid
Biostatistics Pharmacology
Medicine Physiotherapy2 (Orthopedics &Traumatology)
Microbiology Physiotherapy 2A(Amputation)
Obs. & Gynae Psychology
Orthopedics Surgery
Paediatrics Pathology
Physiotherapy 3 (Paediatrics) Physiotherapy 5A (Clinical Kinesiology )
Clinical Physiotherapy Physiotherapy 4A (Manual Massage)
Physiotherapy 4 (Neurology ) Physiotherapy 6A (Postoperative)
Physiotherapy 6 (PNF) Physiotherapy 3A (Electrotherapy)
Research Methodology Physiotherapy 5 (Biomechanics)