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Welcome to Academic Affairs:-

The Academic Affairs is committed to leading the University to excellence in teaching, research, and service. Our faculties embrace this commitment and continuously strive to serve our students and prepare them for the world through learning and inquiry.


The Academic Affairs is driven by its vision to serve the academic needs of the institution stakeholders. Furthermore, the Leadership and innovation in higher education, scientific research and community service at the local and international levels.


As its core mission, the office of Academic Affairs provides services and leadership to sustain a vibrant, inclusive and internationally recognized academic community that is committed to creating new knowledge and extending that knowledge to future generations for the enrichment of our global community

The University of Ibn Sina fosters student success by preparing students from diverse backgrounds for lives of impact as leaders and citizens. Through a teacher /student model that is anchored to innovation, quality instruction, research, and public service, students gain expertise in their field of study and are inspired to be intellectually curious, responsible citizens and professionally competent learners. We generate and share new knowledge, discoveries, and innovations, and we engage local and global communities to promote education, health, and quality of life. These contributions, in addition to responsible stewardship of our intellectual, physical, and financial resources, ensure the long-term success and viability of the institution


  1. Certificates for undergraduates and graduates
  2. Maintain records of students
  3. Resignation for undergraduates
  4. Transfer of undergraduates
  5. Foreign students
  6. Verification for graduates
  7. Deans & Scientific senates
  8. Promotion of staff

Muna Faisal Tag Eldin AbuShama

Muna Faisal Tag Eldin AbuShama

dr. Muna Faisal Tag Eldin AbuShama

Secretary of Academic Affairs

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