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  The quality unit was established in 2016 by decision of the Board of trustees of  Ibn Sina University to ensure high quality in all its activities. In February 2018, the unit was upgraded to the Quality Assurance Center to perform the following tasks:

  1. Spreading the quality culture among the university members
  2. Collect data and information continuously to identify the improvement points
  3. Setting indicators and standards of academic and administrative units performance and follow-up of their application by the different university units.
  4. To ensure the consistency of implementing self assessment and maintain quality assurance standards to obtain academic accreditation.locally and globally
  5. To provide the necessary advice and support the faculty initiatives that promotes academic standards in the university.
  6. Building excellent experiences in the field of quality assurance and academic accreditation in the university.
  7. Holding conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops in the field of academic quality, self-assessment and accreditation.
  8. Develop strategies for applying the quality in the all university’s activities.
  9. Any other duties assigned to by the university leaders.


    A national and Regional leading center in quality assurance and accreditation, bringing the university to the ranks of elite universities.


    The Center is committed to support the academic and administrative units in and outside the University to meet national, regional and international quality assurance standards and is committed to leading the development of continuous effective academic and administrative performance.

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