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Ibramhim EL Zain

Training Centre (IZTC)

Ibramhim EL Zain

Training Centre (IZTC)

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Vision & Mission


IBRAZ vision is to be the most advanced and recognized medical simulation centre in Sudan.


IBRAZ mission is to provide a setting in which learners can gain competence and confidence in technical clinical skills in various procedures in a safe and realistic environment based on established knowledge, evidence-based practice and professionalism.



IBRAZ objectives are to provide:

A positive learning environment that focuses on the development of the learner as a healthcare professional with proficient healthcare related skills.

A strong, comprehensive curriculum to meet learners' interests in healthcare skills and careers.

A highly qualified and caring faculty to guide learners.

> Quality CPD, CNE and CME programmes for professionals .

Appropriate training for laypersons wishing to develop their healthcare-related skills.

> Excellent service to trainees.



Why Medical Simulation?

Simulation-based medical training achieves the following:

> Produces proficient doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers

> Increases patient safety.

> Reduces time of hospital-based training.

> Improves chances of ISU in the accreditation and ISO processes.

> Increases chances of ISU in university rankng.



Areas of Concentration

1) Industrial & Occupational Safety.

2) Low and High-fidelity simulators.

3) Task trainers.

4) Virtual Reality trainers.

5) Standardized patients and teaching associates.

6) Audio-visual capture and play-back system.

7) Computer stored case scenarios.



Target Groups

The learners in IBRAZ include virtually every students and member of staff at Ibn Sina University and affiliated hospitals, namely:

1) Undergraduate students.

2) Post-graduate students.

3) Residents.

4) Academic staff.

5) Affiliated hospitals’ staff.

6) Learners from other universities and institutions.



Training Technologies

IBRAZ boasts of having the most advanced and up-to-date high-fidelity simulators in the industry including:

1) Apollo Pre-Hospital Simulator.

2) iSimulate.

3) SIMone Birthing Simulator.

4) Lucina for Childbirth and Female Patients Scenarios.

5) Advanced KERi Nursing Manikin.

6) CAE LearningSpace and Muse software.

7) High quality simulator for practically every medical task training.



Professional Team

IBRAZ embraces a team of high-ranking biomedical and health professionals and scientists with extensive records of accomplishment in biomedical training in all fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, technical and support medical services.


Physical Facility

> IBRAZ occupies 500 M2 floor area situated in the third floor of Ibn Sina University New Campus.

> The simulation clinics consists of:

> IBRAZ is directly connected to two 200-seat lecture halls, and one 60-desktop computer laboratory.

> IBRAZ is monitored with cameras and entry is secured with fingerprint and digital ID.

> IBRAZ is paper-less.


Training Resources and Methods

Training uses several methods including role-play and pre-programmed scenario-based teaching. Methods include:

> Virtual Patients: Learners suspend disbelief and practice clinical procedures, decision-making skills on manikins and a range of medical equipment in a safe environment.

> Task Training: Learners focus on key elements of a task or skill at their own level. Special trainers are available to guide and instruct.

> Virtual Reality Training: Learners computer-stored case scenarios. They interact with a virtual environment displayed on a computer screen, enhanced with sound or tactile feedback built into the software. Virtual reality can be used for advanced training in complex medical procedures.

> Standardized Patients (SP): A SP is a real human being (and teaching associates) carefully recruited and trained to play the role of a patient or co-patient for learners to practice history taking, physical examination, and communication skills in a safe and relaxed environment.

> Electronic Medical Records: A station setting up fictitious patients with their histories, notes and lab results. Prescription and  report  writing  techniques are addressed.


> Online and Distant Learning (MOODLE Courses).


IBRAZ Programme

Consists of:

> 200 skills in 27 skill modules

> 45+ Maharat Courses

> 7 Euroean Resuscitation Council Courses

> Certificate, Fellowship, Diploma, MSc in Health and Medical Simulation



Management of Activities

IBRAZ is managed by LearningSpace (LS): a comprehensive audiovisual and management platform, designed to capture clinical and learning events for review, debrief and assessment.

Learners communicate with LS through smart phones with user name and password from the comfort of their homes. Learners prepare themselves by studying the supplied material, watch video clips and book for a skill or course.


Contact Us


Ibn Sina University

POBox 10995

Mobile: 0900993937