Ibn Sina University started on behalf of Khartoum College of Medical Sciences, which was established in 2000 with three study programs – Human Medicine Program 6 years course – Clinical Pharmacy Program 5 years  course  – Dentistry program 5 years course , Dental technology  Program 3 years course  – In 2004 was added Medical Laboratory Science Program4 years course – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program 4years course. Dental technology 3 years course within the Dentistry program.

In 2016, the Khartoum College of Medical Sciences was upgraded to Ibn Sina University. Then, the university administration began to structure the university. The programs were transferred to faculties and became the Faculty of Medicine, one of the eight largest faculties of the university and established the university and developed some units, centers and departments such as the Ibrahim Al-Zain Center for Clinical Skills and the Research and External Communication Unit. Quality Assurance Unit. ISU consists of eight bachelor degrees-granting faculties:


  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Faculty Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Faculty of Nursing Sciences
  • Faculty of Optometry & Visual Sciences
  • Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences
  • Faculty of Postgraduate studies

ISU faculties are leading the way to excellence in teaching, training, and research and community engagement. ISU is continuously striving to serve its students and prepare them to their rightful role as future leaders.

ISU is recognized the high quality of its academic educational programs and its outstanding supporting learning environment. In addition, ISU maintains aesthetically attractive multi location campuses, which are conveniently located across Khartoum metropolis and are easily accessible. The university possesses a unique capacity to carry out and realize the strategic plans and policies of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.