ISU boast of a few achievements in the last three years namely Establishment of an advanced medical simulation centre, Quality Assurance Centre, a modern Dissecting Room, An Innovative Physiotherapy & rehabilitation Centre free of charge Dentistry outpatients clinics, progressive community engagement, and Free Dentistry outpatients Clinics, to mention a few.


The establishment of a modern Dissecting Room

The Dissecting Room can accommodate32 cadavers, and has 20 dissecting tables. Students may use the room for revision purposes. The room also houses museum pots, plastic models, skeletal materials, X-ray images, books, videos and dissection guides. The DR is being enriched by Anatomage Table.


An Innovative Physiotherapy & rehabilitation Centre

The Physiotherapy Clinics provide comprehensive rehabilitation services and physical therapy to a wide spectrum of physiological and pathological problems.

The Clinic contains electrotherapy (Ultrasound, hot packs, short wave, Laser and transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, interferential, traction), Cryotherapy and magnetictherapy. It also provides a full arsenal of therapeutic exercise gadgets (pulley systems, treadmill, continuous passive motion, parallel bars, etc.).


Free Dentistry outpatients Clinics

These clinics provide free services to the public in the catchment area of ISU main campus.


Progressive Community Engagement

Ibn Sina University has been sending medical convoys to remote areas of Sudan helping in health education, community sanitation and hygiene since 2006. ISU students from different disciplines accompanied by ISU members of staff made enormous efforts to help and support communities in need of help. The Ban Gadid Hospital has been providing the population in the catchment area with free comprehensive medical care for years.