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PHD Afraa Ahmed Mohammed Khalid Head Department of Marketing

Name: Afraa Ahmed Mohammed Khalid

Head Department of Marketing, Faculty of Administrative   Sciences, Ibn Sina University, Khartoum, Sudan.


  • PhD in   Business   Administration Graduate   College Sudan   University of Science& Technology, October 2016.
  • Master Business Administration (MBA), Sudan Academy of sciences.
  • Sc (Honors) in Faculty of    Economic    and social studies 2003, University of Khartoum.

Training Courses:

  • T raining course   in    Structure   Equation   Model   (SEM), MAALIM   FORTRIANING
  • Training in Techniques of Scientific Paper Writing Khartoum University Center for Advanced ainingTr. Of Khartoum.
  • Advanced Course in Research Methodology and statistical Analysis –Computer Center – Sudan University of Science  and Technology, 2015.
  • English Languish Training Courses -two levels (pre- Intermediate –Intermediate)-English Language Institute –University of Khartoum.


  • Head Department of Marketing, Faculty of Administrative   Sciences, Ibn Sina University, Khartoum, Sudan.
  • Assistant Professor,   Department   of Business   Administration Faculty   of Economics and Administrative Sciences, University of Holy Quran from October  2016 up to now.
  • Lecturer Department of Business Administration Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences University of Holy Quran from.2011-2016.
  • Assistant Professor,   Department   of Marketing, Sudan University of Science& Technology (par -timer).
  • Assistant Professor, Master Business Administration, Bahry University.

Publications and Research Experiences:


  • Does Service Quality Impact on Customer: Attitudinal Loyalty or Behavioral Loyalty in sundaes banking sector Afraa Ahmed Mohammed, Siddig Balal Ibrahim, Abdel Hafiez Ali, SUST Journal Economic Science.
  • Does Price Value Mediator or the Relationships between Service Quality and Attitudinal Loyalty, Afraa Ahmed Mohammed, Siddig  Balal Ibrahim, ( under study).
  • The Mediating Role of Perceived Value between Relationship Service Quality and Customer Loyalty (Under Publishing).

Supervision of Research and Thesis:

Supervision of complementary research at the bachelors level , Sudan University.)(3) Students master External examiners.

Teaching Experiences:

Introduction to Business Administration ,    Marketing Management , Human              Resources Management, Production       &                 Operations Management ,project management, Business Management, Operation Research, Advertising Management, Research  Methodology.


  • Arabic: Native
  • English:
Afraa Ahmed Mohammed Khalid



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