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MSc Amel Nasir Eltayeb Ali lecturer

Personal Information

– Name: Amel nasir eltayeb Ali

– Date of birth: 31/12/1990

– Place of birth: United Arab Emirates

– Citizenship: Sudanese.

– Gender: Female.

– Religion: Muslim.

– Marital status: Single

– Address: South of Khartoum-butery.

– Cell phone: 0919669045.

– Email: Amelnaser8@gamil.com

Academic Qualification :

Postgraduate Studies: master degree – medical laboratory sciences- department of haematology and immunehaematology- AlZAEM ALAZHARI UNIVERSITY.Degree(Excellent), 2015-2017

University of Khartoum -Bsc of medical laboratory sciences –department of haematology and immune-haematology (2009-2014), degree (Honours with first class)

Area of interest

Interest about reading, designing, and teaching

work  Experiance :

National Ribat University Hospital (23/7/2014_23/7/2015).

Teaching assist as par timer in university of Khartoum, faculty of medical laboratory science, department of hematology and immunohaemtoogy(4/10/2015)

Membership in Professional and Scientific

Registered in Sudanese National Council for Medical & Health Professions at N: 04140123


Basic molecular and bioinformatics course (November 2013).

Excellence in the medical field (22/12/2013).

Award and Achievements:

The faculty award for the second best academic performance in the faculty of medical laboratory, third year, for academic year 2010/2011.



Amel Nasir Eltayeb Ali

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