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MSc Ibtihal Abdalla Mohameden Ahmed lecturer

Personal Information: 

Name                   Ibtihal  Abdalla  Mohameden Ahmed

Birth place           South Darfur state

Nationality           Sudanese

Address                 Khartoum elazhari block 17

Email                  halaabdalla65@gmail.com

Academic Qualification

2015 -2017               Msc of Medical Microiology from AI-Neelain University.

2012 – 2013           Qualifying year at Institute of Endamic disease University of Khartoum

February 2012       Bachelor of medical laboratory sciences Ibn Sina Universit

Area of interest : Research, Molecular biology, Immunology, Microbiology and Parasitology

Professional  Experiences :-

-April2018    – present                        lecturer in department of microbiology and parasitology

-Decemer2014 – March2018           teaching assistant at Ibn Sina University

-2013 – 2014                                        laboratory specialist at Nyala teaching hospital

Membership in Professional and scientific

2017 – Present.             Member of ASM (American society for microbiology)

Courses :-

July 2018             Bioinormatic and Adance Genomic (Africa City of Techenology)

July2018               Infection Prevention and Control (University of Khartoum )

Janauary 2018      Professional development of teacher course (Ibn Sina University)

2016                      How to write and publish scientific papers at Al-Neelain University


Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern of Bacterial Species Isolated from Conjunctivitis Patients attending Al-Neelain University Eye Teaching Hospital (Khartoum) Published in African Journal of Medical Sciences. 2017: vol 2 (12) .Website: www.ajmsc.info


June2017         ASM symbosium on Diagnosis of tuberculosis. University of Medical Sciences and Technology

2017                 Important of DNA/RNA sequences and bioinformatics tools in developing medical microbiology fields first conference at Omdurman Islamic University

Ibtihal Abdalla Mohameden Ahmed

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