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B.Sc Master degree SALMA IBRAHIM ALAMIN HAGAR lecturer

Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Nationality: Sudanese

Gender: female

Date of birth: 17/3/1985

Address: kafori, Block 9, house 930, Khartoum- sudan.

Mobile: 0129413517


Present Appointment:

lecturer at University of Al-Neelain and Ibn Sina University Khartoum, Sudan


B.Sc Hons, El Neelain university, faculty of optometry and visual science- Khartoum, Sudan- 2006. Effect of excessive day work in hetrophoria among students

Master degree in optometry- El Neelain University, faculty of optometry and visual science- Khartoum, Sudan- 2011. Thesis titled: pseudo- accommodation in psuedophakia

Professional certificate

Permanent registration from Sudanese council-  since 2008

An Optometrist at Alneelain eye hospital department of refraction and ocular photography 2013 to the present          

Head of Department of Quality Control in faculty Optometry and Visual science Alneelain University 2014 to the present

Certificate of self-assessment and quality control from Sudan university of Science & technology 2015

Participated in the first optometry conference Khartoum- Sudan 2016, Presented paper about pseudo- accommodation in psuedophakia

Participated in the second optometry conference Khartoum- Sudan 2018 Presented paper about glaucoma awareness among Sudanese

Attendance certificate from sudan diabetic eye screening programme – diabetic retinopathy grader course 2018

A certificate of work experience from brightness action to sudan conductuted by Xi  hospital- china mission of brightness in sudan 2016


Attendance certificate from ministry of health Khartoum state – general administration of curative medicine directorate of eye health- a course on training of optometrist on grading diabetic retinopathy 2017




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