Administration & Governance
Administration & Governance Learn about the people and organized bodies that carry the vision for the IBN SINA University and beyond.

The IBN SINA UNIVERSITY (ISU) is the governing body for Arizona’s three public The board consists of 12 members.

Provost & Deans

Dr. Magdi Abdelhameed Bayoumi

Dean , Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Prof. Osman A,aziz Elgindi

Dean , Faculty of Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Prof. Hassan El Subki Khalid

Dean , Faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. Gamal Awad Salih Ali

Dean , Faculty of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Prof. Umgumaa Mohammed Abdel Regal Hamid

Faculty of Nursing Sciences

Dr. Mohamed Hassan Adam Azrag

Dean ,Faculty of Administrative Sciences

Dr. Abelgadir Mahmoud Ibrahim Shadad

Dean , Dental Technology Programme

Prof. Ogail Alnour Mohammed

Dean ,Students Affairs Deanship

Mr. Adil Adam

Secretary of Academic affairs