First established in the year 2000 by a group of scholars who had a belief in the role of the private sector to the promote and participate effectively in health care, in Sudan which has the stood all the time as a challenge for the authorities to make up for shortages in education and render services of health care to the broad community.

It was started as a college that comprised of 3 main faculties:

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of pharmacy

Later in 2004 other  Faculties were added:

 Faculty of Laboratories and Technology, Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and Faculty of Dental Technology.

Encouraged by the success of the experiment a Faculty of Nursing science was added.

After elevation to  university (formerly known as Khartoum College of Medical Sciences),Further disciplines were added Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of visual Sciences and optometry.

The university was named after the legendary Arab Physician – Ibn Sina.