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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a new department of what used to be known as the Computer Services Unit (CSU).  The CSU is currently undergoing restructuring and is answerable to the Office of the Principal. The ICT Department manages and operates the university’s ICT infrastructure such as computers and related software, data networks, and telecommunications links.  The Department is made up of four (4) sections, DC, Administration, Helpdesk, Networks, and Information Systems. Below is a brief description of the services offered by each of these sections.

DC, Administration

Responsibilities of the Administration Section include record-keeping for the Department, processing of requisitions, orders, invoices and all paperwork. The Section also advises on office equipment procurement and maintenance, general administration, overall planning, coordination of activities within the Department, overall control and direction of the Department, and maintaining an organisational structure directed towards efficient and effective functioning of the Department. The ICT Department provides advice to both the University Management and end-users on ICT related issues, following external ICT developments, and identifies potential benefits and bottlenecks on new ICT related initiatives for institutional-wide development. The Department formulates, monitors, and reviews strategies, policies and procedures as required, ensuring that all tasks undertaken in ICT are geared towards continually supporting the university’s core business and administration. This Section is also responsible for preparations of the Department’s annual budget in accordance with the Department’s plans and ensures that the Department operates within its budget allocations. Furthermore, the Section ensures that all the services afforded by ISU’s systems are accessible to both academic and administrative staff over a networked environment where possible, keeps regular contacts with other educational institutions and suppliers in the region on the use of ICT, and provides visionary leadership for developing, managing and advancing ISU’s Information Technology Services and Higher Education Computer Network, including long-term planning.

Helpdesk – Technical Support

The Helpdesk Section is responsible for first line of support to end-users of ICT services provided by the Department. The services include acquisition and distribution of hardware supported by the university, acquisition of software and distribution of licensed software supported by the university, troubleshooting of problems encountered by the end-users, end-user training on the use of the supported computer hardware and software, with the modus operandi being that the Department ensures that all supported software is properly installed. The Department does not train end-users on the use of standard application packages, but only on the use of administrative/information systems (software), provision of configuration services e.g. network configuration including network printing, Internet access configuration, etc. The Helpdesk Section keeps inventory of computer equipment, software and licensing requirements, and IP addresses assigned to the PC’s on the individuals’ workstations. It ensures that the supported hardware and software adheres to the University standards as recommended by the Department.


This Section is divided into two sub-sections, these being: • Telecommunications Infrastructure and Related Services Acquisition of PABX systems and reticulation of telephone networks, provision of telephone sets, provision of telephone lines, ensuring that the PABX system is available all the time to the university community and corporate organisations that it interacts with, and introduces new services relating to telecommunications. • Data Network Infrastructure and Related Services Provision of the Internet and network services, which include ensuring continued availability of the Internet, continued availability of the email system, ensuring that the network infrastructure is expanded to where it is required, the existing network infrastructure is well maintained, and provision of second level support to users on network-related problems.

Information Systems – Application & Software

This Section is responsible for determination of business processes and identification of suitable systems that will implement these processes, provision of information systems for purposes of improved administration, training of end-users on information systems employed by ISU, in addition to that provided by the supplier of the system. The Section is also in charge of customisation of any purchased systems to ensure that it meets university needs. It is the Information Systems Section that takes care of the administration of these systems, serves as a link between the Information Systems suppliers and the end-users, and provision of second level support to the users on information systems services.


Eng. Ali Abdelkareem Ali, wadeljed
– Director ICT
Ms. Esra Ahmed
– Head DC, Administration
Ms. Aseel Magzoub Ali Bahi
– Helpdesk Manager
Mr. AlHussein Mohamed Elbushra
– Networks Manager
Mr. Osama NoorAldeen Aljailei Mohamed
– Information Systems Manager
Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim Khalifa
– HelpDesk Team Leader

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