Deanship of Student Affairs


Leadership and distinction in student activities and services to create a thinking, creative and ambitious generation.

Contribute to building the student’s educational, intellectual and physical personality, developing his academic and creative skills, and providing services.

  1. Providing all the student needs of student services to ensure a distinguished university life
  2. Building students intellectually, culturally, socially and physically according to sound scientific foundations.
  3. Develop leadership, leadership and excellence skills among university students.
  4. Refining the student’s personality through extracurricular activities and creating an environment conducive to creativity and innovation
  5. Guiding and guiding the students in everything related to overcoming the obstacles and difficulties that concern them.
  6. Supporting the principles of patriotism and opening the way for students to practice their favorite activities and hobbies and express their opinion through scientific societies and student associations, provided that they do not conflict with public freedoms.
  7. Preparing sporting events and activities between the faculties of the university, such as organizing tournaments for all students at the university level. Participation in events and meetings at the university level inside Sudan.
  8. Supporting the foundations of social responsibility for students towards everything related to community participation in the concerns, joys and issues.

9. Upgrading the level of public services and developing psychological, behavioral and social guidance services to support the academic side of students.

The duties of the Deanship of Student Affairs are as follows:

  • Helping students to make the most scientifically, socially, culturally and educationally during their affiliation with the university and observing the system and correct behavior.
  • Ensure good performance and promote it in all departments of the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  • Implementation of the general policy for students, in coordination with the Student Affairs Committee, the deans of the faculties and the supervising professors.
  • Supervising the various aspects of activities.
  • Maintain and maintain student records and design and distribute cards.
  • Supervising student associations and scientific and cultural associations.
  • Solve all student problems outside the classroom in coordination with student associations and other relevant bodies.

• Supervising the performance of student affairs supervisors in colleges

1- Dr. Nazar Babiker Al-Obeid

2- Professor Agil Muhammad Siwar Al-Dahab


The Deanship follows up on the obligations of students in the non-academic field, which are:

  1. The student’s commitment to the university’s regulations, bylaws, instructions and decisions issued in implementation thereof and not to circumvent or violate them or submit forged documents to obtain any right or advantage contrary to what is required by the relevant provisions.
  2. The student’s obligation to carry the university card while the student is at the university and submit it to the staff or faculty members upon request by them and upon termination of any transaction for the student inside the university.
  3. The student’s commitment not to damage or tamper with the university’s property, or disrupt it from work or participate in it, whether it is related to buildings or equipment.
  4. The student’s commitment to the instructions for arranging, organizing, and using the university’s facilities and equipment for the purposes assigned to them, and the necessity of obtaining prior permission from the competent authority to use those facilities or equipment when they wish to use them or make use of them for something other than what they were prepared for.
  5. The student’s commitment to dress and behavior appropriate to university norms, and not to do any actions that violate morals and public morals observed within the university.
  6. The student’s commitment to calmness and tranquility inside the university facilities, abstaining from smoking there, and not provoking disturbance or illegal gathering or legitimate gathering in places other than those designated for that.
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs in this academic year (2021 AD) received complaints submitted by the Security and Safety Department, as well as students and their grievances, investigation and adjudication, through the investigation committees and the Social Researcher and Psychological Guidance Committee, and according to the statistics attached to this report, the number of complaints that The Deanship received her in its various committees in 2020-2021 (44) complaints and grievances.
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs has organized four medical convoys, three of which are outside Khartoum state (Badin Island, Northern State – Umm Jar Island, White Nile State, Giad City, Gezira State) and the fourth is inside Khartoum State, Jebel Olia Locality (Tari’at al-Beja).
  • – Supervising and following up the formation of colleges’ associations.
  • – Supervising the activities of students that accompany the accreditation of the College of Medicine
  • Supervising and following up the landing of all university students under the umbrella of health insurance in Khartoum State.
  • Supervising the medical examination for first-year students.
  • Supervising the readiness of the university clinic by providing first aid to university students.
  • Supervising the application of preventive precautions to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic among university students and following up on injured students in quarantine areas according to medical protocols.
  • As for the cultural and sports side, the reasons were limiting the conduct of these activities at the present time, due to the shortness of the school year and the Corona pandemic.

Organizational Chart

The organizational structure has been prepared to define tasks and responsibilities in order to achieve quality standards and a decision-making mechanism to achieve the goals of the Deanship

Dr. Souad Zine El Abidine Saleh
Dean of Student Affairs
Dr. Nizar Babiker Al-Obeid
Deputy Dean of Student Affairs
a. Mohammed Abdul Qader
Head Of Cultural Activities
a. Hanafi Mohammed Hanafy
Head of sports activities
Dr. Abeer Muhammad Othman
Head of Counseling and Psychological Support
A. Moataz Jadallah
Head of the University Card Department
A. Jihad Muhammad Ahmad Babiker
The Dean's Secretariat: