Creating health cadres targeted by science, knowledge and skills.


Enhance the human role of the ethics of the profession.


Guiding modern science in the development of scientific health programs based on evidence and scientific research.


Developing the scientific program and providing it with professional ethics, belonging to the community, and guiding the Sudanese moral and religious heritage and respecting the patient’s health needs and privacy.


Providing the medical staff with the knowledge, knowledge and skills that facilitate its transfer to graduate studies smoothly and without complexity.


Highlight the main role of scientific research and link it to the educational program to contribute to the development of the profession, creativity and modernization in methods of treatment and healing.


Follow closely the global scientific development and participate in and contribute to all conferences and scientific gatherings and make room for highlighting the local medical problems transparently and citing the experiences of others in solving them.


Innovate scientific means to reduce treatment costs and provide appropriate mechanisms to reduce costs and seek to include in the programs of government health facilities.


Develop health programs to cope with the need of the community to grow and the participation of workers in the health field and the development of their capabilities to make the most of the possibilities available to serve the community.